Grand Staff-Capers w/ CD

Level:  Very Easy, Studio or Classroom (See Video, Below)  
By Cynthia Pace 

Together, Grand Staff-Capers' six short songs feature all the lines and  spaces of the Grand Staff—a few at a time. Each piece also presents a  different tonality, using simple note-patterns throughout.  

    As young students read, sing/play, hear and improvise with these  selections, they:  

    • Practice recalling fundamentals they are learning, and 
    • Further explore and develop their emerging musical skills.   

    Grand Staff-Capers helps build:  

    • Symbol recognition,  
    • Keyboard awareness,  
    • Reading,   
    • Listening and Creative Abilities.  


    • Teaching Tips,  
    • Writing, Ear-Training, and Creative Activities, 
    • Rhythm Flashcard Cut-Outs, 
    • CD.  

    Pages: 24 
    Size: 9" x 12" 

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