Piano Plain and Simple Play-Along w/CD

Level: Adult/Teen Beginners 
By Cynthia Pace


Especially for those adults with no prior piano experience: 

  • Careful sequencing gives "true beginners" time to build confidence as they develop a feel for the keyboard.

  • The learning level advances gradually—always within reach.

  • Plain and simple explanations make new concepts easy to understand.
  • Each musical selection offers students an enjoyable opportunity to practice and master piano-playing skills. 

  • Students experience a larger range of music because they practice both black and white keys from the beginning.

  • Creative improvisation and composing are introduced step-by-step.

  • Theory is built in with the music, helping students better retain the skills and pieces they learn.

  • The play-along CD makes practice more effective. Students gain a clear idea of the timing, sound, and musical feel of each selection in this book.

Hear Sample:

Pages: 144

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