Very Beginning Duets

To Play with Friends, Mom, and Dad
Correlates With Kinder Keyboard By Robert Pace
Level: Pre-K & Early Elementary

By Yoko Jimbo

With Yoko Jimbo’s VERY BEGINNING DUETS, young pianists can enjoy the company of their friends and family by playing music with them. 

Each of Ms. Jimbo’s seven duets is a setting of a tune from KINDER KEYBOARD (Robert Pace). 

Step-by-step activity instructions guide students and their partners in playing these simple primo and secondos together. Through this shared experience, students and their partners:

  • Revisit, reinforce, and expand on essential skills and concepts from Kinder Keyboard,  
  • Develop skill in playing musically by listening both to their partner and themselves.


Publisher: Lee Roberts Music Publications
Distributer: Hal Leonard Music Corp.

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