About the Music for Piano Series

The materials of the MUSIC FOR PIANO SERIES are sequentially organized in both an upward and outward spiral. ”Students advance upward in difficulty of repertoire as they simultaneously broaden their musical understanding at each level.”
—Dr. Robert Pace—


Music for Piano Series - Robert Pace
The Music for Piano Series by renowned educator Robert Pace is celebrated for its seamless integration of musicianship, technique, analysis, and creativity. Big-picture concepts, student-scripted activities, in-built theory, creative practice—and a wide, instead of limited, key range, help students build the foundation for lifelong musical accomplishment and enjoyment.

BIG-PICTURE CONCEPTS - Empower students to learn on their own, along with learning from a teacher.
    PLAYING AND HEARING A LIVELY RANGE OF SOUND FROM THE START - Helps students become sensitive listeners as they develop facility with the complete keyboard.

    CAREFULLY STRUCTURED CONCEPT SEQUENCES - Guide students through a wide—instead of limited—key range at every level. This true multi-key experience with the sound and feel of the complete keyboard opens more music to students each step of the way. 

    STUDENT-SCRIPTED ACTIVITIES - Build student-centered learning. 

    ONGOING EXPERIENCE IN VARYING, TRANSPOSING, AND CREATING MUSIC - Enables students to practice and solidify recall as they devise something new.

    IN-BUILT THEORY AND ANALYSIS - help students to learn on their own.

    CREATIVE PRACTICE - Helps students gain the flexibility to adapt their learning processes to always-changing situations.


        encourages students to extend what they learn in their core instruction books. The Recital Series' outstanding solo and ensemble selections: 
        • Introduce students to many different compositional styles, 
        • Provide valuable opportunities for students to develop their expressive capabilities while learning essential fundamentals,
        • Help students expand their technical range,
        • Appeal to a wide variety of interests and aptitudes,
        • Work well with any teaching approach.

        Pace Recital Series Sample Music 

        Collaborative Group-Learning:

        The Recital Series' diversity of material is ideal for collaborative group-learning:

        • Each student practices one or more different selections.
        • During weekly lessons, students help one another learn and polish their respective pieces by offering constructive feedback under the guidance of their teacher.



        • Students become familiar with a greater range of piano music 
        • They further their listening skills, practice teaching others, and, along with this, learn to teach themselves.


        Flashcard games: 

        • Introduce, rehearse, and reinforce important symbols and concepts,
        • Engage and motivate students through enjoyable musical activities,
        • Provide valuable opportunities for family and friends to join in the student’s musical experience.

        Teachers' Guide, Legacy Edition
        By Robert Pace
        Level 1 Music for Piano Series