Bosco & Kitty's Piano Magic - Read Aloud Story

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By Robert Pace
Level: Pre K, Early Elementary, 
Classroom, Studio, or Home




Bosco Barker and Kitty Purrmew are good friends who both love the wonderful sounds of a piano.


But the two cat and dog buddies are very different from one another.


In this story, Bosco and Kitty share the fun of playing their piano to create musical games and stories. Without knowing any note-names, they use the piano's sets of two and three black keys, called the Twins and Triplets (Narrated CD provided).


Through their imaginative adventures, Bosco and Kitty delight in discovering that music can be "high or low, soft or loud, slow or fast, or combined in various ways"—concepts that build a foundation for future musical learning. (Robert Pace, Foreword to Bosco and Kitty, © All Rights Reserved).


Different though they are, Kitty and Bosco also discover that they they can be partners in enjoying music together by encouraging and helping one another create "piano magic."


Pre K and Elementary-ages can enjoy the story of Kitty and Bosco's adventures simply by listening to it as they follow the lively illustratiions. Most, if not all children, will also want to join in and play their own music and games, as Bosco and Kitty do.

Pages: 24 Full Color Pages
CD: Music & Narration

Publisher: Lee Roberts Music Publications