Chords In A Flash Flashcards - 48 Triads

Level: Beginning & Up  
By Cynthia Pace

These flashcards—with a chord-image on one side and its name and  notation on the reverse—help piano beginners learn each chord's sound , look, and feel, plus its name and symbol, early on .


This flashcard set, containing 12 Major, minor, diminished, and augmented  chords, gives beginners tools for

  • "Decoding" and playing basic lead sheet harmonies, 
  • Building improvisation skills, 
  • Building a foundation for reading chord notation.  

Includes: Activity suggestions 

50 Cards 
Size: 4” x 6  



Trendy Hit Songs - From the Start - Teen & Adult Beginners 

Elementary-Age Students : 
See Chord Go-Fish Game 


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