Chords In A Flash Flashcards—Piano Chords For Beginners

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Level: Beginning & Up  
By Cynthia Pace


Play the keys indicated by a flashcard, and you're playing a chord!
Perfect for piano beginners new to reading music, or not yet reading.

  • 48 Chord Image Cards
  • ALL Major, Minor, Diminished, and Augmented triads, root position
  • Chord names and notation on each card's reverse side
  • Chord chart and suggestions for simple creative improv and ear-training

Flashcard Games:
These versatile flashcards can be used to energize learning, through flashcard games such as relay races, Tic-tac-toe, "Chords Go-Fish," speed-chord playing, listening games, and more.

Chords In New Music:
When beginning pianists play lead sheets, CHORDS IN A FLASH flashcards help them visualize, find, and use each chord right away.

As students practice identifying and playing their flashcard chords, they learn each chord's sound, look, feel, and name, in preparation for reading and playing new music in the future.

50 Cards:
6" x  4"



Playing Hit Songs - From the Start - Teen & Adult Beginners 

Elementary-Age Students : 
See Chord Go-Fish Game 

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