Birthday Suite - Musical Birthday Party

Level: Pre K/Early Elementary
Classroom, Studio, or Home

By Helen Pace

It's no secret that very little pleases young children as much as a birthday party—so what could be better than a musical drama that celebrates the occasion! In Birthday Suite, Helen Pace has created a group of song-piano duets for children to sing, dramatize, and/or play along with a parent or teacher. Children and their "helpers" may use their imagination to create new verses and melodies, and to add other instruments. Child’s Part is printed in large, easy-to-read notation and may be played on the piano or xylophone.


Children love to dramatize their own musical stories, as they sing these happy songs.


Song Titles: The Invitations • Birthday Suite • Baking the Cake • Doorbell Song • Happy Birthday • What A Surprise! • A Surprise Gift • Another Surprise • What to Do? • Lullaby for Pets • La Pinata • Goodbye Song

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