Finger Builders (Revised) - Book 1

Finger Builders (Revised) - Book 1

Level: 1 - Current Edition

By Robert Pace  

In Finger Builders - Book 1, as with the other books in this series, playing in ALL major and minor keys and many other tonalities is a natural “everyday” part of music-making. 

Finger Builders teaches students:
  • Many varied five-finger exercises using ALL major and minor keys 
  • Introductory arpeggios - ALL major and minor keys, and 
  • Two-handed “tetrachord scales” - ALL major keys.
  • As students play these in different, creative ways, their facility using the black keys develops evenly with their familiarity with the white keys. 

Early, ongoing experience with the full keyboard enables students to:

  • Read, play, transpose, and create a wider range of music,
  • Develop a broader understanding of music theory
  • Gain a solid foundation on which to build a responsive, musical technique.

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