Sailor’s Delight

Level: 1
By Pat Lewis

A simple melody enriched with 5 imaginative sailing-themed variations engages students' creativity. Students play as written and then improvise/compose their own related music. Includes traditional chords, tone clusters, broken chords, 
Phrygian mode, and more. 


Foreword to
Sailor’s Delight

The purpose of Sailor's Delight "is to broaden the student's understanding of improvisational and compositional technics as he or she explores new tonal combinations and patterns as accompaniment to a known melody. Each student can then apply these improvisation possibilities to any number of familiar melodies. 

It is hoped that the story setting will stimulate the student's imagination so that he or she will bring to music other ideas which are all around the student. Students can translate sound and ideas which are part of their life (whether it be everyday or imaginary) into the sounds which are possible on the keyboard.

Teaching Ideas:

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