Basic Rhythms Flashcards for Reading & Creating Music

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Level: Beginners of Any Age    
Any instrument   

Flashcard games with Basic Rhythms flashcards help students feel, see, create, and write their own rhythmic patterns.

Rhythms, introduced by graphics, may be clapped or played, and "counted," using rhythmic syllables or words, for example, "walk walk hold—it."

Students may then practice with the corresponding notated rhythms on the reverse side of each card. They may continue counting as before, or transition to counting with rhythmic note-names, for example, "quarter quarter h-a-l-f-—n-o-t-e," or numbers, "1 - 2 - 3 - 4."


Activities may include clapping, counting, playing, improvising melodies for the rhythms, and creating and notating new rhythms.

Cards may be combined many ways to extend reading and improvisational activities. Suggestions for use are included.

3/4, 4/4, and 6/8 time signatures.
(Color: Black and White)

Activity suggestions included.  
32 Cards (30 Patterns) 
Size: 4”x 6" 


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