Musical Signs and Symbols Flashcards - Set 2

Level: PreK/Early Elementary
By Helen Pace

Young students using Set 2 of Musical Signs and Symbols Flashcards build on the musical concepts and symbols they have learned with Set 1.

Set 2 is sorted into rhythm patterns in the first half and melodic patterns in the second half. Students enjoy practicing and exploring these patterns through learning activities such as:

  • Moving with the rhythm or "shaping" melodic contours, 
  • Clapping rhythms and singing contours, 
  • Using/varying/combining the rhythmic or melodic patterns to create short phrases, musical stories, etc.
  • Playing related musical flashcard games, and naming the symbols. 

Soon, students will be ready to transition to reading symbols only on the cards' reverse sides.

As students progress, Sets 1 and 2 of Musical Signs and Symbols should be merged to provide a rich source of patterns with which students may practice and create. 

23 Cards, 46 Sides
Size: 6” x 9”


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