Piano Chords For Beginners: Chords In A Flash Flashcards

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Level: Beginning & Up  
By Cynthia Pace


Perfect for piano beginners new to reading music, or not yet reading—Play the keys indicated by a flashcard, and you're playing a chord.

ALL Major, Minor, Diminished, and Augmented triads (3-note-chords), root position. 48 
Chord Image Cards, 4 x 6 inches:

Flashcard Games:
CHORDS IN A FLASH flashcards lend themselves to many games (not included) that engage and energize student learning, such as relay races, Tic-tac-toe, "Chords Go-Fish," speed-chord playing, listening games, and more.

Chords In New Music:
When a melody or lead sheet calls for a certain chord, CHORDS IN A FLASH flashcards enable students to find and use the chord. Students learn to recall the chord's sound, look, feel, and name, by reviewing its flashcard along with a few other cards, and, of course, playing the music to which the chord belongs.

Also Included:
•Chord names and notation on each card's reverse side, 
•"Basic Ideas" and "To the Student" cards, that provide quick introductory info, a chord chart, and some suggestions for simple creative improv and ear-training,
•Chords in ALL keys, not just a few.  

50 Cards, Durable, High Quality 


4” x 6" 


Trendy Hit Songs - From the Start - Teen & Adult Beginners 

Elementary-Age Students : 
See Chord Go-Fish Game 

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